Wordless Wednesday

mom got lots of comments today.



Ken and the Loo

Hey you(s)! Betraying Mom’s Chicago-ness

I have been writing a scientific post, but Mom keeps it in the back burner. Instead, I will have to post pictures. As you can tell, Ken Kat does some very odd things. Here he is strangely attracted  one room in the house.


Wastebasket tipped over. Tissue box moved to the seat. Job well done.


paper work is completed


Making sure the sewer snakes don’t peek through


Just my size


Peaking out of the shower curtains in the claw foot tub


The Red Dot

Gentle Readers,

Nope. Doesn’t work. I thought I would try a Miss Manners opener. Tortietude rules.

The Boys have been interesting. Mom has been traveling quite a bit. Ken has take it to heart and has been leaving gifts on the rug in front of the door. I don’t get it. I digress.

Today Ken was doing his bored routine. Mom got out our new playdot Laser. Ken let the laser come to him. Lazy.IMG_1037

Parker decided to check it out. He is responsible for the death of our Bolt laser.IMG_1033

Mom grabbed it ASAP. Turns out that he just wanted to lay on the cabinet.IMG_1036

Until next time Gentle Readers. Nope. Still doesn’t work. Tortietude rocks!

Disclaimer: Mom purchased both laser toys. No red dots were sent to her for review.

Boxes – Ken

I am quite angry with Mom for letting my blog slip. In fact  I have had occasions for my teeth to find her flesh. Now that my love bites have sunk in, she is giving it a a whirl. We are starting slowly with boxes.

We begin with the classic physics thought experiment,  Schoerdingers Cat in the box, is the cat in or out of the box, alive or dead. Well. The way that Ken sleeps one would assume they are DEAD!

Stay tuned for boxes and the end of our story.


Ken is trying to make up his mind about things, glassy eyed and all. aption


New levels for this thought experiment? Ha


I dare say his snoring is less than enjoyable. 


He seems to have figured out that he is partly out of the box. 


Heavy sleeper. I proclaim him the loser in this experiment.