Stink Bugs

It is that time of year when creepy bugs just show up, you know, the dreaded Stink Bug. The ‘rents are concerned about us eating those ugly thingSONY DSCs. Mom may be worried but we have a great time messing with them. I guess it is the St. Louis version of lizards. (Armadillos haven’t migrated here yet so that is a topic for another year.)

We have come to a compromise. I won’t eat them if I research the buggers. Finally I get to wax about science!

The brown marmorated stink bug aka stink bug hitchhiked to the US from Asia. (Do they have tiny little thumbs?) There are a lot of trees for their life cycles such as buckeye, horse-chestnut, some maples, pawpaw, especially tree-of-heaven as well as agricultural crops. Stink bug population has increased such that it is considered a major source of crop damage.

We get to mess with stink bugs every autumn when it gets cooler.  Stink bugs creep into every crevice and crack. On warm sunny days the ‘rents play a game called “How Many Stink Bugs Did You Flush?” Embarrassing. You can also vacuum them, spray with soapy water, or capture with tp and flush like mom. Any way you try, they will still release stench mode.

Finally, are stink bugs poisonous? NO! Yes, we can eat them. CAUTION. The stink chemical is an irritant. Those with tender tums may find it better to play and run.

And, they do not bite.




My Cat Sitter

We have a delightful sitter. Her name is Phoebe and is a cool 10 year old. Her favorite thing to brush us. Oh, can she brush! Mom needs to take lessons! It’s a good thing we like her because the ‘rents travel a lot.

Phoebe brought Mom a picture. Mom loves it.


The other day Phoebe brought over something really cool. It is a pet bed made from a long sleeved t-shirt! Parker claimed it


That’s all for now. Mom, it is time for some science!

Tribute to the Music of Walter Becker

Walter Becker and Donald Fagen became a famous song writing duo in the late ’70’s by forming Steely Dan. Their ground breaking musicianship, well, I could go on.  The point is a tribute to the music of Walter Becker and Steely Dan

Mom is such a fan that she decided to name us Maine Coons from their songs. Yes, a fact known by a few close friends and rarely repeated in public.

Maggie comes from the top hit “Peg” on the album Aja. Peg is a derivative of Margaret as is Maggie. My pedigree name is Sugar Redox. (It’s a chemistry thing, topic for later.)

Our first red boy was Rudy, registered as Rudolph Clausius (another chemistry thing). His name came from “Black Cow”, “I saw you at Rudy’s…”, which is also on the album Aja.

Parker, on the other hand, is named after “Parker’s Band” from the Pretzel Logic album. Mom’s other love is bebop era jazz and Charlie “Yardbird” Parker so it seemed natural for the big red guy to have a dual musical reference.  His pedigree name is Parker Titanium IV (chemistry again).

Finally, this one is for Mom and her Darker Days, “Any Major Dude”  also from Pretzel Logic. And an acknowledgment to the person responsible for her love of Steely Dan.



Kansas City Street Car – BlogPaws!


I will have sporadic some posts about Kansas City. Mom visits KC regularly since she is involved with another convention a month after BlogPaws. Playing tourist comes naturally to Mom. Unfortunately she leaves us alone too much. Sigh.  I will have links at the end of the post.

Kansas City Street Car! Ride it!


First of all it is free. Second it is clean.  It runs from River Market to Union Station and the World War I museum, about a 2 mile route.

The River Market is full of shops and restaurants. There is 2 hour free parking. The ‘rents got off at a near corner and found delightful coffee shop.

The ‘rents walked on to River Market to see the Steamboat Arabia exhibit. The Arabia was carrying goods to all the new towns springing up to the west of Kansas City. In 1856 the ship was caught in one of the common floods on the Missouri River. It sank into the mud and silt until it was discovered about 1987. Let’s just say that it is an amazing trip into history.

They jumped back on the streetcar riding on to Union Station. The ‘rents have been in many train stations, but the Kansas City Union Station was AMAZING! It was like stepping back in time  with all the platforms, food, windows, info kiosk and ceiling.

I want to end with a teaser for the WWI museum which is the only one in the US.


There are other fun things like THE quilters’ Mecca in Hamilton, MO. More info on such things. Oh! New Theater which is an excellent dinner theater. Anyway, I digress. More later!

The Mags

Great Article from


Ken and the Loo

Hey you(s)! Betraying Mom’s Chicago-ness

I have been writing a scientific post, but Mom keeps it in the back burner. Instead, I will have to post pictures. As you can tell, Ken Kat does some very odd things. Here he is strangely attracted  one room in the house.


Wastebasket tipped over. Tissue box moved to the seat. Job well done.


paper work is completed


Making sure the sewer snakes don’t peek through


Just my size


Peaking out of the shower curtains in the claw foot tub


The Red Dot

Gentle Readers,

Nope. Doesn’t work. I thought I would try a Miss Manners opener. Tortietude rules.

The Boys have been interesting. Mom has been traveling quite a bit. Ken has take it to heart and has been leaving gifts on the rug in front of the door. I don’t get it. I digress.

Today Ken was doing his bored routine. Mom got out our new playdot Laser. Ken let the laser come to him. Lazy.IMG_1037

Parker decided to check it out. He is responsible for the death of our Bolt laser.IMG_1033

Mom grabbed it ASAP. Turns out that he just wanted to lay on the cabinet.IMG_1036

Until next time Gentle Readers. Nope. Still doesn’t work. Tortietude rocks!

Disclaimer: Mom purchased both laser toys. No red dots were sent to her for review.