Boxes – Ken

I am quite angry with Mom for letting my blog slip. In fact  I have had occasions for my teeth to find her flesh. Now that my love bites have sunk in, she is giving it a a whirl. We are starting slowly with boxes.

We begin with the classic physics thought experiment,  Schoerdingers Cat in the box, is the cat in or out of the box, alive or dead. Well. The way that Ken sleeps one would assume they are DEAD!

Stay tuned for boxes and the end of our story.


Ken is trying to make up his mind about things, glassy eyed and all. aption


New levels for this thought experiment? Ha


I dare say his snoring is less than enjoyable. 


He seems to have figured out that he is partly out of the box. 


Heavy sleeper. I proclaim him the loser in this experiment. 


3 comments on “Boxes – Ken

  1. Cathy Keisha says:

    HAH! Ken makes a handsome subject for your experiments, Mags. Warm pizza boxes are the best when it’s cold. I’ve found Chewy boxes are the best.

  2. Hi, Im glad you mom has her blog up and running again. Interesting problems and ones I suspect will keep all but us cats up at night. I think that in some of these great shots there is a lot of out of the box thinking going on. MOL

  3. Those are all some pawsome boxes!

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