Dogs, etc.

IMG_0467I hate to start my post today with the canine species, but dogs are coming out of the woodwork! The rents are dog sitting 2 which makes 3 in the house which are 3 too many. I have taken refuge in the cellar. Yesterday I felt confident enough to take a nap on the kitchen chair. My nap was disturbed by a nose coming way too near me. Enough about canines.

Mom has been busy getting prayer flag stuff ready for BlogPaws. It’s a wonderful idea. She was able to mourn her deceased cats by making a couple. I knew Buster and he was THE cat who set the bar for cats. Luckily I meet that and even exceed if I may say so but I digress.  I have added the post she wrote for the BlogPaws website. Stay tuned for more ideas on Honor Flags.

Parker is busy chewing on the BlogPaws stuff. And he has been hanging with the big dogs. We are called the dog of the cat world, but puleeze. Have I said that he is an attention ho? At least Ken had the decency to be wary of the new dogs and normally he is the attention ho. Ken just had one step up in my estimation, but I am talking earthworm step.

I will end by adding of the photos I entered into the vets’ photo contest. We didn’t win so they obviously don’t understand beauty.


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