I Am Back!

IMG_0258I am Maggie the reigning queen of the Kruse house. Being a tortie I am opinionated and everyone knows it. I love how they all cater to my whims. Well, there is that Ken who thinks he can chase me. Ha! I am swift and can leap to great heights. Then there is that Dog and Parker. Maybe I have been slacking off and need to work on my “Queen-ness”.

Mom has been working on transcribing my dictation for a couple weeks  She is in some really deep doodoo. I have learned that scientific term from Mom. Somehow I think her lab made that up.

(Wait a minute. Hairball. Left it on her side of the bed. Ha!)

We are on our 3rd day of heavy thunderstorms. The electricity went out yesterday for 3 hours which meant for great lap time since Mom couldn’t do anything including beading  She has been working on stuff for BlogPaws. The worst part about no electricity is she had just put fish in the oven. We get bits of oven fish so that really sucked.

Maybe we can work on a science blog soon. Any topics you need researched?

Sporadically yours,

THE Mags






One comment on “I Am Back!

  1. Cathy Keisha says:

    How about the trajectory of a hairball? MOL!

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