New Day, New Start

There is nothing worse than staring at a blank page when you haven’t blogged for years. Well, maybe surgery or a divorce are worse but those are topics beyond the scope for this blog. My blog is about life with cats in the voice of my tortie Maggie and maybe a few observations about stuff by me. I might as well start.

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My name is Maggie. You might know me from Let’s do the stats so they are done and over with:

  • Purebred Maine Coon with ear tips
  • My official color is dilute blue tortoise shell. Let’s just call me a gray tortie with a ‘tude. I have what is called a split face, half gray, half peachy orange. I think it is quite striking.
  • I am 10 years old, 11 in May. My age is a factor in my ‘tude but I still get silly and play with toys.
  • I live with 2 idiot boys cats.
  • Now for the rest of the household
    Parker is a lumbering purebred Maine Coon weighing in at 21 pounds. Even I have to admit the weight is all bones and muscle with little fat. That sucker is one big guy! He is a red classic tabby which adds to the wow factor when humans see him for the first time. What’s the deal? Haven’t they see a red cat before?
  • Ken is the real idiot of the family. His name is short for Kenzu, name from his previous human. That name sounds like some disgusting sea algae, not that I have seen it but I read a lot. We’re not quite sure of his parentage but he has many characteristics of a Norwegian Forest Cat, aka attention junkie That cat actually greets humans at the door. Everyone thinks that is so cute. Gag. The next question is, “Are all your cats that big and hairy?”.
  • oh. The dog, Dali. White hair shedder. Sleeps a lot.  Boring.
  • My humans. Art, keeper of the box, not a cat person. Wanda, comfortable lap with lots of caresses. Responsible for all of us cats. Why she wanted those idiot brothers I have no idea.

That’s about it for now. Mom says that I have to put in pictures of us all. It should just be ME and maybe the idiots later.

Did I say the boys are idiots?

The Mags


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